Recruiting for a win-win future

Recruiting for a win-win future

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Recruiting for a win-win future

Recruiting for a win-win future

Genus-Finance was founded in June 2015 and headquartered in Lujiazui, Shanghai. We are devoted to providing intelligent investment trading tools. We are the most professional intelligent transaction execution provider in China’s financial market. We provide our services to securities firms, privately offered fund, high-net-worth individuals, other financial investment institutions and professional investors. We are committed to provide safe, stable, intelligent and efficient algorithmic trading strategies and intelligent investment solutions.

Genus-Finance combine trading, consulting and technology development together to provide not only safe, stable and effective tools, but also an instruction for algorithm applications to customers. The company's core team has more than 20 years of experience in the global financial market algorithm trading related industries, and has a deep understanding of the application of algorithm trading among financial institutions.


Job Title
【Pre-sales engineer】
Place:ShanghaiNumber:1 personDate:2021-02-09

Job Description:
1. Responsible for various technical support needed in daily work such as pre-sale communication about technical issues, plan building (pre-sale/post-sale/bidding, etc.), project POC, perform installation and debugging, etc.;
2. Cooperate with sales to provide pre-sales technical support, including product and case introduction, function demonstration, user Q&A, and bidding;
3. Collect and analyze customer needs, give guiddance for technology and product selection,   and provide solutions. Meanwhile, ensure that the output of the research and development team meet customers’ needs.
4. Maintain communication with the technical team and business team from customers’ side throughout the project, and provide timely feedback on the progress of the project to ensure the smooth progress of the project;
5. Carry out pre-sales/post-sales training for business partners or end users;
6. Carry out product publicity and promotion on domestic and overseas markets, and organize relevant materials.

Job Requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, computer/finance and other related majors, with good English communication skills;
2. At least 3 years of pre-sales support or related work experience, relevant work experience in financial institutions is preferred;
3. Familiar with linux system;
4. Possess good communication skills, stress resistance ability, teamwork awareness, and fast-learning ability

【Technical Support】
【Senior Test Engineer】
【Java Development Engineer】
【Algorithmic Trading Researcher】
【Quantitative Strategy Researcher】
【Sales Manager】
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